About Us

OnlineSpanish.org is aimed at people who want to learn or improve the Spanish language.

We focus on teaching practical and theoretical language skills with the help of the Internet.

Compared to the conventional lessons of conventional language schools in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, onlinespanish.org offers a cheaper and more effective alternative to learn Spanish.

Our partner institutes (native speakers from Spain and Latin America) -have internationally recognized language diplomas and several years of professional experience in teaching the Spanish language.

Free VoIP providers such as Skype and our high-speed Internet access in our language schools make it possible to provide this type of service.

Furthermore, OnlineSpanish.org offers free Spanish lessons, games and various grammar explanations and useful information about the country and culture.

There are many interactive ways to participate that teach basic introductory Spanish skills.

With all the games, lessons, tips and resources, you’ll be speaking Spanish in no time! Check out everything you can find here and let us know what you would like to see or what you like best so we can expand these areas for you.

Because learning Spanish is fun, you can get the whole family involved. And with new lessons every week, you can learn something new all the time. If you’ve always wanted to learn Spanish, whether for education, business, or on a whim, you can now do it for free and in your own time in a fun environment.

Have fun learning, and don’t hesitate to contact us with comments, questions or suggestions!

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