Adjectives with ser and estar

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Ser and estar + Adjektive

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Some adjectives change their meaning depending on whether they are used with ser or estar. But even here the connections with “ser” indicate more stable, permanent states and with “estar” transient;impermanent states:

Adjectives with ser and estar

Ser Estar
Atento/a Be polite Watch out
Bueno/a Good, honest, be nice Be healthy, taste good
Frío/a To be without feeling to be cold
Joven To be young Looking young
Listo/a to be smart Be finished
Malo/a to be bad, to be angry Sick, spoiled, bad taste
Verde Be green Be immature
Vivo/a To be clever Be alive

Some participles, which are used as adjectives, also change their meaning, depending on whether they stand with ser or estar:

Ser Estar
Aburrido/a To be boring Be bored
Cerrado/a an uncommunicative person closed
Interesado/a Being selfish To be interested in
Callado/a Be quiet silence
Cansado/a To be annoying To be tired
Abierto/a being open (person) open