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The Spanish alphabet consists of 26 letters (A-Z) and three special letters ch, ll, ñ. The letters ch and ll are independent letters and are not separated.

The double R (rr, erre doble) is not a special letter, but one counts rr to the single r. The rr is never separated either.

In only a few Spanish words, one encounters the ü. The dots on the ü are called in Spanish diéresis and mean that a u is pronounced between g and e/i that would be mute, yet, is pronounced:

Example:  guitarra (mute u), but cigüeña (the u is spoken).


Letter Designation Equivalent Example
A,a a – answer Antonio
B,b be but Beatriz
C,c ce

– think


Ch,ch che -macho Chema
D,d de – gender Darío
E,e e – set Elena
F,f efe fast Fernando
G,g ge


– Dach (german)

H,h hache honour Héctor
I,i i – Internet Inés
J,j jota – Dach (german) Juan
K,k ka kilo Kilo
L,l ele last Lorenzo
Ll,ll elle – million Llobregat
M,m eme mother Madrid
N,n ene no Nora
Ñ,ñ eñe – Cognac Ñoño
O,o o – north Omar
P,p pe people Pedro
Q,q cu come Querido
R,r/rr erre/erre doble Rosa – Guitiérrez
S,s ese sun Sara
T,t te text Teresa
U,u u – june Ulises
V,v uve vain Valencia
W,w uve doble – Whisky Walter
Y,y i griega

– say

– Job

Z,z zeta – think Zamira