Business Spanish

Business Spanish Course for Companies

Spanish is the language spoken not only in Spain, but in most Latin American countries. It is therefore very important for you as a company that your employees are very well prepared for the challenges of everyday life and have the appropriate vocabulary. With VSS-Virtual School of Spanish, you have a professional partner at your side who knows exactly what is important when it comes to conveying learning content.

Your Advantage:

The combination of flexibility and professionalism is what our customers appreciate about us. Even in a working day with many appointments, our flexible scheduling makes it possible to learn business Spanish (español de negocios) for companies.

For this purpose, the lessons take place either by Skype, similar media or, if desired, by telephone. The latter is especially advantageous if no broadband Internet connection is available. This means that your employees can also call on our help immediately before an important meeting.

Our Spanish coaches are native Spanish speakers from Spain and Latin America. They communicate the content in such a way that your employees are able to achieve their first successes very quickly. The influence of our language coaches results in a significantly improved pronunciation of what you have learned. The sentence structure also improves very quickly and a larger vocabulary leads to more intensive discussions in negotiations and contract conclusions, which hit the bull’s eye in a targeted manner.

How to learn Spanish online?
All you need to learn Spanish online is a device that supports Skype or Fuze and a broadband Internet connection. With these requirements, you will be able to take part in one of our courses immediately. Our coaches are fully responsive to your individual performance level and build on existing knowledge. But even if you don’t know Spanish yet, our courses offer you the perfect basis to learn Spanish online..

Intercultural Training

With our intercultural training program, your company’s employees and managers are optimally prepared for global challenges. Only those who understand their colleagues and business partners from Spain and Latin America and reflect on their own behaviour will be successful in the Spanish-speaking markets in the long term.

Technical Translations German<->Spanish

We have been successfully providing translations into Spanish and English for over 10 years, so you can look forward to a service provider who acts quickly, reliably and personally.