Business Spanish

Understanding conversations in Spain and Latin America

OnlineSpanish offers a flexible learning opportunity for starting business relationships in Spain and Latin America. This online language course is focused on speaking Spanish specifically in a business context, as well as using appropriate Spanish business etiquette.

Learning how to conduct business in Spanish speaking countries can be very helpful to any student or professional interested in expanding their working horizons and increasing their knowledge about “Mundo Hispano” (Engl. hispanic world) culture. The chance to take the course online can benefit people who need to follow their own learning needs due to distance or time constraints.

Program features:

  • Learn to communicate in Spanish business situations
  • Become familiar with ways to overcome the cultural barriers sometimes encountered by business people doing business around the globe
  • Benefit from an informal learning style which provides many oportunities of interacting with your instructor
  • Receive a Business Spanish certificate
Business Spanisch
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