Capital and Small letters

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Capital and small letters

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In Spanish, capital letters are used at the beginning of the sentence and for proper names: Place and country names, persons, authorities, institutions, subjects of study, historical and religious names. Capital letters are also used after a colon and for abbreviations in the salutation. In the case of film titles and novels, only the initial letter is capitalised.


Carlos male first name
Barcelona City in Catalonia
Venezuela Country in South America
Biología Field of study
el Ministerio de Salud the Ministry of Health
Internet Internet
la Policía the polices
Instituto Nacional de Estadística National Statistical Office
la Unión Europea the European Union
Pascua Eastern
la Cruz Roja the Red Cross
Pequeña Edad de Hielo Little Ice Age
Querido Franco: Te escribo para… Dear Franco, I write you…
Sr., Sra., Srta., Ud./Vd., D., Dña. señor, señora, señorita, usted, don, doña
La fiesta del chivo The Feast of the Goat (Novel)


Small letters

Month names, weekdays, seasons, cardinal points and names of geographical origin are written in lower case.


enero January
lunes Monday
la primavera Springtime
el norte North
un chileno a Chilean