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Comparisons of Spanish Adverbs


Like the adjectives, many adverbs can also be compared. As a rule, the constructions tan… como and igual de… que.


Tocas bien la guitarraYou play a good guitar
Tocas la guitarra tan bien como ellaYou play guitar just as well as she does.
Hoy salgo tarde de la escuela I’m getting home late from school today.
Mañana salgo de la escuela igual de tarde que hoyTomorrow I’ll be out of school as late as I am today.

Make sure that when comparing the adverbs mucho a special case occurs and that the correct construction in this case tanto…  como is.


Pagamos mucho por el cocheWe pay a lot for the car.
Pagamos tanto por el coche como vosotrosWe’ll pay as much for the car as you’ll pay.

The Comparative

The comparative of adverbs – as with adjectives – is formed with más…que or menos…. que


Ayer terminé rápidoYesterday I finished quickly.
Hoy he terminado más rápido que ayerToday I finished quicker than yesterday
En el tiempo de las vacaciones salgo a menudo I often go out during the holiday season
En los años escolares salgo menos a menudo que en el tiempo de las vacacionesIn the school time I go out less than in the holiday season


The superlative is made with a simple relative sentence


Es el que mejor lo haceHe does it best
Siempre eres la que más tarde se acuestaYou’re always the last one to go to bed.
Los que más han gastado en las vacaciones tienen ahora que ahorarThose who spent the most on holiday must save now.