Demonstrative Pronoun

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Pronombre demonstrativo

Demonstrative pronouns are referring pronouns,  e.g. this or that.

In Spanish, there are three demonstrative pronouns that refer to three different spatial relationships between the speaker and the person or thing to which they refer:

este (this/these), ese (that), aquel (those)

este ese coche this car here that car there
esta esa camisa this shirt here that shirt there
estos esos niños these kids here that kids there
estas esas sillas these chairs here that chairs thee
esto eso this here that there

aquel coche those car there
aquella camisa those shirt there
aquellos niños those kids there
aquellas sillas those chairs there
aquello those there

Este – esta – esto

  • is local or temporal in the immediate vicinity of the speaker

Example.: Este libro que esto leyendo es muy triste.

Esa – esa – eso

  • is not locally or temporally in the immediate vicinity of the speaker

Example.: Esas niñas gritan mucho.

Aquel – aquella – aquello

  • is not local or temporal near the speaker – further away

Example: Aquellas personas no tienen dinero.

The demonstrative pronouns can be supplemented by local adverbs:

Este / esta / estos / estas de aquí – this/these here

Ese / esa / esos / esas de ahí – this/these there

Aquel / aquella / aquellos / aquelllas de allí – those there

Demonstrative pronouns, like all pronouns, replace a noun. However, these pronouns can also stand as a demonstrative companion before the noun. To better distinguish between demonstrative pronouns earlier pronouns were pronouns with an accent. However, this is no longer necessary today.

However, the pronouns esto, eso, aquello never stand for a noun. They are always used as pronouns. They do not necessarily have to refer to something that has already been mentioned. They may also indicate a thing or a fact.

¿Para qué es eso? – ¿Esto? Se usa para pintar.

¿Qué significa esto? – Todo esto es para el evento y aquello es un regalo.

Besides, it is often used in phrases or fixed expressions, such as:

Eso es – that’s right, yes

Eso sí – Yes

Por eso – Therefore

A eso de las – about (times)

Eso mismo – exactly

No por eso – nonetheless

Y eso que – And that regardless of the fact, that

¿y eso? – why?


este – esta – esto – ese – esa – eso – aquel – aquella – aquello

  1. __________ tardes de verano son muy lindas.
  2. __________ no es verdad.
  3. __________ árboles no tienen hojas.
  4. __________ es mentira.
  5. __________ no me gusta nada.
  6. ¡ __________ es absurdo!
  7. __________ revista es mía, pero ésa es suya.
  8. Este coche es mío, pero __________
  9. __________ es un problema.
  10. __________ es mi hermano.
Richtige Antworten:

  1. Estas
  2. Eso
  3. Aquellos
  4. Eso
  5. Esto
  6. Esto
  7. Esta
  8. ese
  9. Esto
  10. Éste