Doubling Object Pronoun

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Doubling the Object Pronoun

Object pronouns can be doubled in Spanish and both object (with noun or stressed pronoun) and the unstressed pronoun are in the same sentence. The unstressed pronoun always precedes the verb.


In general, the indirect object pronoun of the 3rd person singular or plural is doubled, even if the noun or name is mentioned in the same sentence.


Le vamos a vender el coche a Franco.

A los chicos les vamos a comprar una pelota para jugar el fútbol.

To highlight the direct object, place it at the beginning of the sentence and double it with an object pronoun.


A Juana y Marta no las voy a regalar algo

El cinturón lo he comprado en la calle

The object pronoun is doubled with a + stressed pronoun if you want to reinforce the opinion or the difference


A mí me parece una buena idea

A ella no la voy a preguntar