Imperativo Irregular Verbs

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Verbs with more than one irregularity

Some verbs are also irregular in the 2nd person singular. These verbs also retain the irregularities of the present indicative or present subjunctive:

Infinitive: decir Person Positive Imperative Negative Imperativ
Present: digo no digas
  Usted diga no diga
  Nosotros/-as digamos no digamos
  Vosotros/-as decid no digáis
  Ustedes digan no digan

Infinitive: hacer Person Positive Imperative Negative Imperative
Präsens: hago haz no hagas
  Usted haga no haga
  Nosotros/-as hagamos no hagamos
  Vosotros/-as haced no hagáis
  Ustedes hagan no hagan

Infinitive: poner Person Positive Imperativ Negative Imperative
Present: pongo pon no pongas
  Usted ponga no ponga
  Nosotros/-as pongamos no pongamos
  Vosotros/-as poned no pongáis
  Ustedes pongan no pongan

The verbs salir (salgo), tener (tengo) and venir (vengo) are similarly formed. Simply expressed, in the 2nd person singular the verb stem stands alone (sal, ten, ven). In the 2nd person plural the -r at the end of the word is replaced by a -d (salid, tenid, venid). In all other forms the corresponding endings are appended to the stem of the 1st person singular present (salg-, teng-, veng-).

With some verbs, however, the imperative cannot be derived from the 1st person singular present.

Subsequent verbs are consistently irregular in the imperative:

Infinitive: dar Person Positive Imperative Negative Imperative
dar da no des
  Usted no dé
  Nosotros/-as demos no demos
  Vosotros/-as dad no déis
  Ustedes den no den

Infinitive: ir Person Positive Imperativ Negative Imperativ
ir ve no vayas
  Usted vaya no vaya
  Nosotros/-as vayamos no vayamos
  Vosotros/-as id no vayáis
  Ustedes vayan no vayan
Infinitive: oír Person Positive Imperative Negative Imperative
oír oye no oigas
  Usted oiga no oiga
  Nosotros/-as oigamos no oigamos
  Vosotros/-as oíd no oigáis
  Ustedes oigan no oigan

Infinitive: ser Person Positive Imperative Negative Imperative
ser no seas
  Usted sea no sea
  Nosotros/-as seamos no seamos
  Vosotros/-as sed no seáis
  Ustedes sean no sean

Change of spelling

Some verbs with the suffixes -car, -cer, -gar, -gir and -zar have in the affirmed imperative orographic changes. However, the 2nd person singular (tú) and the 2nd person plural (vosotros/-as) are mostly regular. This group of irregular verbs is relatively small:

-car -cer -gar -gir -zar
Infinitive marcar convencer cargar elegir empezar
marca convence carga elije empieza
Usted marque convenza cargue elija empiece
Nosotros/-as marquemos convenzamos carguemos elijamos empecemos
Vosotros/-as marcad convenced cargad elegid empezad
Ustedes marquen convenzan carguen elijan empiecen