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Spanish Placement Test

The following multiple-choice test is for self-assessment purposes only.

Please choose your test:

Spanish Placement Test for Beginners (language level A1) – Beginner

Spanish Placement Test for Beginners (Language Level A2) – Basic Knowledge

Spanish Placement Test Intermediate (Language Level B1) – Advanced Language Usage

Spanish Placement Test Intermediate (Language Level B2) – Independent Language Usage

Levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

The basic levels are:

A: Elementary use of language
B: Independent use of language
C: Competent use of language

Beginner - A1

  • Can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very simple sentences.
  • Can introduce him/herself and others and ask other people questions about him/herself.
  • Can communicate in a simple way when the other person speaks slowly and clearly.

Beginner - A2

  • Can understand sentences and frequently used expressions (e.g. shopping, work, family).
  • Can communicate in simple, routine situations.
  • Can describe in simple terms his/her own background and education, immediate environment and immediate needs.

Intermediate Level - B1

  • Can understand the main points when using clear standard language.
  • Can cope with most familiar situations, such as travelling.
  • Can express him/herself simply and coherently on familiar topics and personal areas of interest.
  • Can tell and describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes, plans and goals.

Intermediate Level - B2

  • Can understand the main content of complex texts on concrete and abstract topics.
  • Can communicate fluently and spontaneously so that a normal conversation with native speakers on both sides is possible.
  • Can express him/herself clearly and in detail on a wide range of topics.

Advanced Level - C1

  • Can understand a wide range of demanding, longer texts and also grasp implicit meanings.
  • Can express him/herself fluently and spontaneously.
  • Can use the language effectively and flexibly in social and professional life or in education and studies.
  • Can express him/herself clearly, structured and in detail on complex subjects.

Advanced Level - C2

  • Can easily understand practically anything he/she reads or hears.
  • Can summarise information from various written and oral sources, giving reasons and explanations in a coherent presentation.
  • Can express him/herself spontaneously, very fluently and precisely, and can also make clear finer nuances of meaning in more complex situations.