Position Adverbs

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Position of the Adverbs

The position of adverbs depends on the type of word they define. Adverbs can be adjectives, verbs, adverbs or a sentence.

Adverbs stand before adjectives, adverbs and sentences. But if you determine a verb closer, they stand after the verb.

They are before the adjective:

Ana es una mujer muy inteligente

Estoy bastante enfermo

Before the adverb:

La casa queda muy cerca.

Hemos caminado bastante despacio.

And before the sentence. Adverbs have an introductory function here. This includes, for example, adverbs that express doubt or uncertainty:

Siempre está pensando en algo.

Quizás nieva mañana.

But they’ re mostly after the verb:

Pide siempre cosas diferentes.