Reinforcement of the adjective

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Reinforcement of the Spanish adjective

If you think that a hotel is not just expensive, but very expensive, Spanish also offers you the opportunity to express it.


Un hotel caroan expensive hotel
Un hotel muy caroa very expensive hotel
Un hotel carísimoa very very expensive hotel

Both the combination muy + adjective and the ending -ísimo, -a, -os, –as are very common reinforcements; the latter expresses a higher degree of the respective property.


Muy viejo – viejísimovery old – very ancient
Muy loco – loquísimovery crazy – totally crazy

The following combinations can also be used to reinforce adjectives


Extraordinariamente precioso extraordinarily beautiful
Bastante tranquiloquite calm
Un poco triste – a tad sad
Poco sentidolittle sense
No muy graciosonot very funny
Nada importantenot important at all