Spanish Cuisine

Spanish Cuisine

Spanish cuisine consists of a great variety of regional dishes and specialties, with fish and seafood playing an important role – potatoes and legumes are often used as a side dish.

Through Spain’s varied history, the cuisine has been influenced by different cultures and includes a wealth of different ingredients and typical dishes:

Stews with legumes.
Meat, fish and seafood, vegetables only as a side dish
Almost exclusive use of olive oil
Sparing use of spices and herbs (with extreme exceptions)
Extensive use of garlic

Typical Spanish dishes

It is difficult to speak of a typical cuisine in Spain, even though there are some widely used dishes. Rather, many regional cuisines are present in Spain, which can be attributed to the landscape and climatological diversity.

Primer Plato (appetizer)

Alubias, bean stew
Cocido de Garbanzos, chickpea stew
Fabada Asturiana a bean stew
Gazpacho Andaluz
Gazpacho Manchego
Lentejas, lentil stew
Pisto manchego
Salmorejo cordobés
Tortilla, a kind of omelet with a filling, especially tortilla española, a potato omelet

Segundo Plato (main course)

Filete de ternera, a large, thinly sliced beef cutlet
Carne Guisada, a dish with pieces of veal, potatoes and peas, similar to goulash
Merluza a la romana, breaded hake
Pollo asado, grilled chicken

Postre (desserts and sweets)

Arroz con leche, rice pudding
Crema Catalana
Tortas de Aceite – See also: Cabello de angel


Aioli, ajoaceite (all i oli, Catalan for garlic and oil)
Mayonnaise, originally mahonesa after the town of Mahón in Menorca
Vinagreta, a mixture of oil and vinegar

Sausage and ham
A few slices of paprika sausage chorizo.
A piece of hard sausage, longaniza.

Sausages are called embutidos in Spanish. These include:

Cecina, air-dried beef.
Chistorra, paprika sausage from Navarre
Chorizo, paprika sausage
Fuet, hard sausage
Lomo embuchado, pork tenderloin marinated with paprika powder in pork casing, air-dried
Longaniza, hard sausage
Morcilla, black pudding
Salchichón, hard sausage
Jamón serrano, air-dried ham
Jamón Ibérico

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Indirect speech - Passive - Impersonal sentences

Indirect Speech and Direct Speech
Verben des Sagens
La voz pasiva – Passive
Unpersönliche Sätze


Conjugation of verbs in Subjuntivo
Unregelmäßige Verben des Subjuntivo
Use of Subjuntivo
Pretérito Imperfecto de Subjuntivo
Pretérito Perfecto und Pluscuamperfecto de Subjuntivo
Indicative and Subjuntivo

Vocabulary and basics

Phrases and Idioms

Floskeln und Redewendungen
Angst haben
Antipathie zeigen
To show regret and rejection
To express happiness
Greetings and Goodbye
To express an opinion
To give some advice
To accept a proposal 
To express a disappointment
To doubt something
To judge something
To admit something
To express enthusiasm
To bump into somenone
To invite someone – to make a suggestion
To report to someone
Jemanden etwas zustimmen
To show compassion
Jemanden überzeugen
To contradict someone
Boredom – to show no interest
To express love
To comfort someone
Sich beklagen
Sich für etwas entschuldigen
Sich sorgen
Sich verteidigen
Sympathie verkunden
Überraschung zeigen
Unsicherheit ausdrücken
Unwohlsein ausdrücken
Wie geht es ? Wie geht´s
Wünsche ausdrücken