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The main difference between pronouns and determiners is that pronouns stand in the place of a noun, and the determiners accompany a noun. Pronouns are used to avoid repetition. Determiners are used to specify a noun. Therefore, determiners often also have an adjective (descriptive) function.

The determiners include articles and pronouns that have the function of determiners.

  • Definite article

¿Por qué no has hecho las tareas?

  • Indefinite article

El queso es un producto lácteo.

  • Possessive determiner

Mi perro es negro.

  • Demonstrative determiner

Me duele este dedo.

  • Indefinite determiner

Me duelen todas las piernas, hice mucho deporte.

  • Interrogative determiner

¿Qué libros lees?

  • Relative determiner

Los libros, cuyas páginas estaben deterioradas, fueron restuaradas.