Stressed personal pronoun

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Stressed Personal Pronoun

The stressed personal pronoun can be used as a subject or as an object with a preposition.

Subject pronoun

Subject pronouns answer the question Who? In Spanish, they are used for persons but never for things, i. the pronoun does not exist as a subject.


Singular Plural
1. Person yo = I nosotros/nosotras = We
2. Person = You vosotros/vosotras = You
3.Person él = He

ella = She

usted = You

ellos/ellas = They

ustedes = You

Note: In Latin America, the vosotros / vosotras is replaced by ustedes:

Example: Amigos ¿qué hacen ustedes?

In the countries Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay you use vos instead of .

Example: ¿Dónde estás vos?