Very irregular verbs

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Verbs with more than one irregularity

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For some verbs there are hardly any learning tools because they have several irregularities; therefore you have to learn them by heart. In addition to an irregular 1st person singular, there are other changes in the stem, such as diphthongation, vowel or stress changes.

The verbs decir, seguir and elegir are irregular in 1st person singular and change their stem vowel from -e– to -i– in all persons except 1st and 2nd person plural.

Decir Seguir Elegir
Digo Sigo Elijo
Dices Sigues Eliges
Dice Sigue Elige
Decimos Seguimos Elegimos
Decís Seguís Elegís
Dicen Siguen Eligen

With the verbs tener and venir the stem is changed besides the 1st person singular. The stem vowel — becomes -ie– in the 2nd and 3rd person singular and in the 3rd person plural.

Tener Venir
Tengo Vengo
Tienes Vienes
Tiene Viene
Tenemos Venimos
Tenéis Venís
Tienen Vienen

The verb oler belongs to the group of verbs whose stem vowel -o– becomes -ue-. Before the Diphtong –ue– there is a h-. With the verb errar this is similar. It belongs to the group of verbs whose stem vowel -e– becomes -ie-. With errar the initial i- is written as y-.

Oler Errar
Huelo Yerro
Hueles Yerras
Huele Yerra
Olemos Erramos
Oléis Erráis
Huelen Yerran

With the verbs ir, ser and haber the whole stem is exchanged. Except the plural in ser. Oír contains a -y– in the stem, which only affects the spelling. The pronunciation remains unchanged.

Ir Ser Haber Oír
Voy Soy He Oigo
Vas Eres Has Oyes
Va Es Ha Oye
Vamos Somos Hemos Oímos
Vais Sois Habéis Oís
Van Son Han Oyen